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verify with koupon landing

Verify with KOUPON

Verify with Koupon is the first turnkey technology solution designed to help c-store retailers and CPG brands verify the age of their shoppers. 

Verify with Koupon connects with leading verification systems to deliver an off-the-shelf, embeddable experience that allows any retailer or CPG to integrate age verification into its digital channels. Using this technology, c-store marketers can launch digital promotions for restricted products like alcohol, tobacco, vape, and lottery — categories which make up more than half of c-store sales. 

Like other Koupon products, Verify with Koupon is easy to integrate and can be leveraged across digital channels such as mobile apps, websites, and third-party loyalty and CRM platforms. 

The initial release of Verify with Koupon is only available to a limited number of retailers and CPGs. Get on the list today!

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