Increase Campaign Success By Linking Digital Ads to Coupons



A White Paper on Redeemable Ads


Closing the attribution loop is one of the most difficult challenges marketers face today. Many data companies try to answer this problem through ad tracking. However, marketers are still left piecing a puzzle together. The best way to close the 1:1 attribution loop is to embed a coupon that can be scanned in-store and associated with an online impression. Koupon Media accomplishes this with the Koupon Redeemable Ad, a new ad unit that links an in-store redeemable coupon to an individual digital ad. In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why traditional ad tracking methods fall short
  • Why Redeemable Ads are a straightforward solution
  • How you can be confident in your ROI with Redeemable Ads



Download the White Paper Here: